core cutting in dubai Equipped with the most recent innovative technology, we offer hassle-free core cutting services in Dubai, UAE. Our skilled workers pay special attention to limit vibration, drill through ferroconcrete block and asphalt of any depth and thickness, even within limited or confined spaces. We, at Dubai Services undertake and complete a selection of economic, residential and industrial concrete coring projects successfully and you will always calculate us for any quite coring or drilling requirements. Discover More Dubai Core Cutting Services Demolition-dubai Demolition Companies Our focus is on ensuring that our clients within the development field get to take advantage of equipment and qualified operators that increase their productivity and contribute towards maximizing their competitive advantage. Whether you're interested by acquiring the services of a concrete cutting company, need concrete slab cutting services, or require specialized equipment like demolition robots , as trusted core cutting contractors in Dubai, we are here to provide it all. Discover More Dubai, UAE If you're trying to seek out a contractor for quality core cutting in Dubai and UAE, you've reached the right place! Dubai servicing avails an honest array of services like asphalt sawing, exterior or interior concrete coring, decorative sawing, and selective demolition. We create clean, dust-free surfaces to avoid the formation of any debris which can cause damage during future use. Discover More Dubai Concrete Cutting Companies Concrete Rebar 3D GPRS Scanning Core Cutting offers 2D and 3D GPR concrete scanning and wall scanning across the UAE. we will provide with our integrated partners and sources both 2D and 3D images that are easy to interpret, allowing non-destructive testing to require place before any drilling, sawing or coring. Dubai Services are at the forefront of the structural investigation and analysis of steel reinforcement in ferroconcrete structures. Discover More Dubai

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    Welcome to Core Cutting Contractors In Dubai

    If you’re trying to find a specialized Dubai Core Cutting professional for your concrete cutting project, then you’re in luck! to assist ensure your concrete cutting job may be a smooth and hassle-free process, we’ll pair you with local Dubai, Our professionals who are qualified and experienced with concrete cutting and similar services.

    Fast and affordable concrete cutting services, including home and property jobs like repairs, installation, maintenance, and inspection

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    Please fill out the Form, and tell us about your concrete cutting project intimately, and that we will pair you with a Dubai, Core Cutting professional. You’ll receive all the small print necessary, including next steps, costs involved, a quote and timeline for completion.

    The Best Concrete Cutting Services in Dubai, UAE – Commercial & Residential – Get an Estimate Today!

    Core Cutting & Concrete Cutting Services In Dubai

    core cutting

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    Core Cutting Services In Dubai

    The commercial construction companies need the core cutting contractors in Dubai for effective performance in their fields. Core cutting contractors provide the services of core drilling, concrete scanning, and diamond drilling. It is assured we offer a quick, accurate, and safe service of any type of core cutting without any noise. We use the modern technology of Japan, China, and Korea for the drilling and cutting service.

    Core Cutting Companies in Dubai

    Our core cutting companies in Dubai, have skilled, experienced, and highly professional workers for the core cutting services. You can hire us if you want concrete scanning in your buildings. It will be more beneficial for you to hire us during the construction of any flat or apartment. By this, you will get more accuracy in the work that you require. Our main goal is to provide full safety to clients. Safety during cutting and drilling is not expensive but is possible through the vast experience that we possess. And safety is priceless.


    People precept that the rates of concrete cutting are high due to high core cutting machine prices. But you will have to clear this misconception that we are professional and provide these services at very affordable prices. Our services of concrete cutting are useful especially when a constructor hires us. You should keep in mind that the machines that we use during the concrete cutting are very up to date.

    Welcome to Core Cutting Contractors in Dubai

    Welcome to core cutting contractors in Dubai, we introduce today the core cutter apparatus to you for your satisfaction that how we serve our clients. We have the latest machines and apparatus to drill the holes into walls and stairs for passing electric wires and water pipes. We use the imported machines for coring.

    Being a leading contractor, we provide the best services to our clients than other contractors. We believe in work efficiency instead of claiming. You choose us for coring and get an efficient work of drilling and coring.

    Core cutting Dubai

    Providing the services of core cutting in Dubai, we have a free demonstration of core cutting test for the satisfaction of customers. Being a professional we can assure you the guarantee of precise work as you need. Our experts of core cutting know every point minutely how to cut and where to cut the walls, and grounds in a slow way for quality. Core cutting contractors in Dubai have one unique motto of quality and accuracy of service.

     Concrete cutting in Dubai

    If you need concrete cutting in Dubai at incredible rates, then you are in the right place. You will be provided the services of

    • Demolition
    • Core cutting
    • Core drilling
    • Concrete scanning
    • Diamond concrete cutting

    By us and by our contractors. Except for it, we offer 3D concrete cutting. You should keep in mind that the health and safety of your building are our main priority.

    Core cutting in UAE

    Core cutting in UAE for the installation of electrical wires, water pipes, and air conditioners on the walls is in demanding nowadays. We use sharp and new sawing tools for coring. We offer these leading and ideal services of core cutting to our customers at reasonable prices. The place is either close or open we provide the exact coring without vibration or destruction of other parts.

    Core cutting contractors in Dubai

    Every businessman for decorating and furnishing their flats needs core cutting contractors in Dubai at suitable prices. I assure you of quality and safety while working as a core cutter for we have all the machinery for coring.

    Core cutting near me

    Services of core cutting near me are more authentic. You may examine their progress with quality and safety in coring on the spot. There, you will find other services related to coring. Services rates and the wages of workers can be done then and there. Face-to-face dealing has no chance of deception and results.

    Get a quick quote

    Getting a quick quote for the concrete and diamond scanning comes to us. Because we are the professional and skillful in core cutting and all other services. We offer fewer quotes for easiness of customers but provide the best service effectively. We are trustworthy and consolidated for the concrete coring and drilling.

    Best Demolition Services

    Having much experience in demolishing and coring with great safety, we offer you the best demolition services. Our demolishing team workers are so expert in their work that they will provide you with the intact material of your building separately. That material can be reused. In this way, a lot of budgets can be saved.

    Best Core Cutting Services

    Being an experienced core cutter, we can provide you with the best core cutting services you want. Our price rate is also the best as our services are the best. You just tell us where you want to avail of these services and what kind of service you need.  For hiring, you call and share your location with detail of your work.

     Concrete | Slab & wall Scanning 3D

    Choose the best and get the best service for the concrete slab and wall scanning 3D. It is our sole goal to provide the concrete scanning service to customers at a minimum price as compared to other service providers. We believe in quality and safety for clients.

    Coring and Concrete Cutting

    We offer you the hassle-free service of coring and concrete cutting as a contractor. The service we provide you is very rare laced with innovative technology and young skilled workers with high common sense. All workers have ethical manners and do their duty according to your instructions as you gave before.

    Concrete demolition & cutting services Dubai, UAE

    If you want to demolish concrete walls, we are here 24/7 to provide the service of concrete demolition and cutting services in Dubai, UAE. We have all types of machinery for demolishing and cutting. We have been servicing since 2011 as a leading company of demolition in Dubai. Just leave a message on our website on the cell Contact Us.

    Door opening

    You need the two services of

    For the door opening in the wall of your house. For this, you need a coring company who is so expert that not destroy the other parts of the wall with vibration. All this expertise with experience, we possess. You come with a problem and go with relaxation.

     AC Duct Cutting

    You need the core drilling and core cutting expert for the installation of AC Duct cutting. And we are experts in both core drilling and core cutting having very sharp rods of drill machines. This machine can drill through every type of slab, diamond, and concrete wall without harming the wall.

    Slab cutting

    Piece of slab or slab cutting is very difficult for a layman but easy for experts. Expert slab cutter has tools that can cut the slab easily. Out of these tools, the slab saw is the best to cut the slab.

    Demolition work

    Heavy machines are needed for the demolition work. Hitachi is the most useful heavy machine used for this purpose. Sometimes experts use the hammer or chisel to demolish any building. But the demolition work needs no expertise except diligence and common sense.

    Lift. Cutting

    It needs very experienced in lift cutting. You have to cut the many walls vertically fully straight. We use always

    • Wall sawing
    • Concrete saw

    for cutting the lift. Also, sometimes diamond blade.

    Wall Cutting

    Like the lift cutting wall cutting also needs more experience. A slab saw is a very important useable tool to cut the wall.

    Stair Cutting

    For better efficiency, you use the chain saw for stair cutting. By it, you will be more accurate and precise. But you keep in mind all these services are provided by core cutting contractors in Dubai.

    Door cutting

    There is very a great requirement of door cutting in well-furnished buildings for the professional business.  If you want to utilize this service then now and then contact core cutting contractors Dubai.


    Core Cutting is your complete solution for quality concrete demolition and cutting services. Our company was established in 2011 in Dubai, UAE. We mainly specialize in concrete coring, scanning, cutting and floor grinding services. We trade diamond core bits, cutting blades, grinding cup wheels and wire saw specially designed for ferroconcrete manufactured exclusively from UK .

    At Core Cutting, we dedicate ourselves to customer satisfaction by safely delivering quality services with integrity and pride. Our diamond cutting system technology is quick and precise, while constantly maintaining structural integrity with minimum noise, dust, and debris. Our skilled and experienced operators are highly trained to figure during a sort of areas. once you choose Core Cutting you’re partnering with a corporation that has been delivering competitive price, On time job completion and quality services.

    Concrete Demolition & Cutting Services Dubai, UAE

    Concrete Cutting Trading & Contracting believe that “Customer Satisfaction” is that the only thanks to success; we discover innovative solutions and advance technology to unravel their problems where nobody else could manage. we provide to our customers a good range of concrete services.

    Dubai Drilling & Cutting Company may be a full service professional concrete sawing, drilling, and chemical anchoring contractor. Our goal is to supply the very best level of quality concrete cutting and drilling services at competitive prices.
    Servicing homeowners to large contractors and builders, we’ve the experience, capability and manpower to assist you together with your next concrete cutting project. We exceed customer expectations through state of the art equipment, exceptionally trained operators, and a spread of specialized services with a company-wide commitment to safety in our work environment.


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