Slab Cutting Dubai

If you’re renovating your garden and creating a patio or paved area, it’s likely that you’re going to get to cut your slabs to suit your design. Cutting paving slabs by hand is straightforward and there are several ways to try to it. During this blog post we share the steps for the three best ways to chop paving slabs:

And, if you are looking to make curves together with your paving we’ve some tips for cutting curved slabs too.

The Slab Cutting Guide is an innovative device that locks simply and quickly onto a paving slab, allowing you to form a secure and accurate straight traverse the slab in just the place you wants it.

slab cutting dubai
Slab Cutting Dubai

Constructed from sturdy chrome steel, the flexibility of the Slab Cutting Guide will save time, improve accuracy and ensure safer practice when cutting paving slabs and natural stone.

The Slab Cutting Guide is suitable for the professional hard landscaper and therefore the DIY enthusiast who wants to chop paving slabs using either a 12” or 14” petrol cut-off saw (disc cutter).

Slab Cutting Range

  • Minimum length of cut: 210mm
  • Maximum length of cut: 910mm
  • Minimum slab thickness: 20mm
  • Maximum slab thickness: 60mm

Manufacture and Materials

The Slab Cutting Guide is sourced, manufactured and assembled within the UK. All components on the Brick worker Slab Cutting Guide are chrome steel with the exception of the locking handle and therefore the handle spacer which are plastic (UV stable). The locking handle also features a brass threaded insert.